Since 1967 Casale del Giglio winery has made known the potential of Lazio region both in Italy and in particular on international markets. Every year this beautiful winery confirms itself as a qualitative beacon of this region also for its agronomic vision of sustainability and recovery of ancient native vines.

The wine tasted today is part of a range of twenty-five labels that the winery offers on the various sales channels, but the “Mater Matuta” Lazio IGT immediately appeared as a true icon.

In fact, already by pouring it into the glass, this precious blend of Syrah and Petit Verdot has brought out its aromas enclosed in a color that tends towards black, in the dark shades of intense ruby.

Here the Syrah, of which a small part undergoes a slight drying, is the protagonist of the Mater Matuta Lazio IGT, but the Petit Verdot enriches it in particular with its spicy notes.

The wine is very wide in the range of aromas, ranging from red fruit in alcohol, chocolate and coffee to the aroma of sweet cinnamon and light hints of nutmeg and the nose struggles to detach itself from the glass even though this wine is pleasantly intriguing.

The taste is complex and harmonious, the tannic part is excellent although it has been softened by the 24 months in small wood and by the same period of rest in the bottle, a wine with structure but also of very pleasant softness with a long and persuasive aftertaste.

The name “Mater Matuta” is a tribute to a goddess of the Italic people who was a symbol of nascent life and prosperity, and today we “find” her in this wine with a strong character and at the same time very identifying like the message that Casale del Giglio offers to his admirers.

We thought of many combinations, there would be thousands of them with this wine, but we liked seeing it as the protagonist of an after dinner meal with friends, perhaps talking about ancient divinities.

Company Profile

Casale del Giglio has always been motivated by the desire to produce top quality, fairly-priced wines in a swathe of land, the Agro Pontino, little known until recently for its viticutural potential. Fascinated by the Agro Pontino, Dino Santarelli founded the company there, in the village of Le Ferriere. This was in 1967 and the beginning of what was to become a far-reaching research and experimentation programme when he was joined by his son Antonio and the talented winemaker, Paolo Tiefenthaler. The aim of the programme, conducted on 180 acres of vineyard, has been, and still is, twofold: first to favour those cultivars which, by their nature and through targeted management, have proved to interact most successfully with the soil and climate of the territory; second to rediscover and restore the status of native vines once thought to be obsolete, such as Biancolella di Ponza, Bellone di Anzio, Cesanese di Olevano Romano and Pecorino di Accumoli. Casale del Giglio currently offers a range of twenty-five products – ten white wines, one rosé, nine reds, one passito, three grappas and an extra virgin olive oil.

Casale del Giglio
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