Oltrepò Pavese is a territory that gives intense emotions: woods and acacias surround the vineyards of a very pure and historic Pinot Noir, cultivated for many years and with expert knowledge in these lands.

The sparkling wine tasted today brings with it the emblem of a suitable territory and at the same time still little esteemed by international critics, but this “Oltrenero” demonstrates that we can and must go beyond certain paradigms for a long time linked exclusively to intense productions or little identity.

This very good sparkling wine, aged on the lees for more than two and a half years, has above all a truly well-marked territorial identity, accompanied by a fullness and body that places it as a true bulwark for the productions of this important DOCG.

A 100% Pinot Noir, the one cultivated to obtain this fruit of passion and research, a Brut that on the nose is breadth of fresh and spicy fruit, very fine notes of black pepper and pepper peel, good bread crust and nuances of undergrowth emerge from a perlage persuasive in its finesse.

In the mouth it is well structured and mature, pleasantly savory with well-defined mineral notes and an exhilarating soft finish.

A harmonious sparkling wine in its balanced body and suitable for satisfying the needs of the most attentive palates to food and wine research in pairings.

In this case we found ourselves in front of a sparkling wine to which “leia” and at the same time a true table companion for its transversality.

Excellent with cured meats and pasta with vegetables, protagonist with baked fish and great partner of an aperitif accompanied by sardines au gratin and croutons with anchovies and burrata.

A compliment to the territory and to this very well-managed sparkling wine house, because in the glass there is all the truth about him.

Company Profile

BEYOND THE RIVER PO, BEYOND PINOT NERO. Oltrenero is a new take on the Metodo Classico in Oltrepò Pavese: a vision, an approach and a choice that starts with Pinot Nero but looks ‘Oltre’, Beyond. The estate is located in Zenevredo, ‘the land where junipers are born’, nestled in a wood full of oaks and acacias. The challenge for a sparkling wine producer starts here, beyond the course of the River Po, in its quest to become a benchmark in the Italian Metodo Classico, enthusiastically embracing the present and the future of a winemaking region to rediscover.

Località Il Bosco 
Zenevredo, PV 27049 IT

+39 0385 245326

Oltrenero Brut Balloton Opalino