When charm meets a land steeped in history and sacrifice, it shapes the character of a family that, for many years with unwavering dedication, has delved into its every nuance, uncovering secrets and reaping the fruits of boundless passion and dedication.

Here, in the heart of Piedmont, Piazzo stands as the epitome of these values—a winery and family that has been showcasing a range of exceptional and captivating wines on the international stage since the early ’60s. One such gem is the Barolo DOCG “Sottocastello di Novello”, which we had the pleasure of tasting today.

The vintage on our palate is the 2019, boasting overall excellence thanks to the distinctive climatic conditions that defined it. In this specific vineyard, the “Sottocastello di Novello”, those conditions have concentrated even further, giving rise to a wine with truly exhilarating complexity.

The color is still vivid, displaying nuanced ruby tones, and subtle garnet reflections hint at its proper maturation in the Piazzo Winery’s barrels. Moving to the olfactory experience, we encounter expansive and harmonious aromas, elegantly spiced with clear notes of dried red fruits, jammy sour cherries, and delicate spices, all underscored by hints of vanilla-infused minerals.

The structure finds its strength in complexity, delivering a full and rounded palate that harmonizes the olfactory notes. Notably, a gentle balsamic undertone adds a refreshing touch, and the finish transitions to a softness despite the pronounced and distinct tannins—a charming equilibrium.

Whether paired with medium-aged Piedmontese tomes or alongside premium meats, be they braised or grilled, its elegance allows it to shine. It even takes center stage with a stuffed guinea fowl, making it an enchanting star of our family dinner.

Company Profile

It’s a family business few kilometers away from Alba, which has been among the pioneers of Nebbiolo for over 60 years. The Piazzo winery was Armando Piazzo and Gemma Veglia’s dream, who in the 1960s decided to stay and believe in their land, the Langhe of “La Malora” by Fenoglio. The far-sighted and counter-current idea of investing in the main grape variety, Nebbiolo, turns out to be a winning one. Today the company has 70 hectares of owned vineyards of which 60% is cultivated with Nebbiolo. The winery, led by daughter Marina together with her husband Franco and sons Simone and Marco, has a representative range of typical wines: modern classics, a refined tradition and increasingly attentive to environmental sustainability.

Piazzo Comm. Armando
Fraz. San Rocco Seno d’Elvio 31 
Alba, CN 12051 IT

+39 0173 286798