We tasted this wine, Carricante, or rather this Planeta’s Cru, paying close attention to the taste/olfactory balance given by an extraordinary harvest such as that of 2020.

Planeta is an undisputed brand of proud territorial belonging where research, for this brand, has always been aimed at the production lands and the identity logic of the wines that have been offered and appreciated on international markets for many years and with important awards.

The grapes of this ancient and autochthonous vine are grown 800 meters above the sea level and have a late maturation, in order to be then skilfully processed, as in the case of “Eruzione 1614”, exclusively in steel with the purpose of extracting the primary flavors of these grapes.

The 2020 harvest of the Carricante is a wine with a harmonious balance of value, as we believe that the important fixed acidity, atypical for a southern Italian grape variety, must be softened in a natural way in order to be able to appreciate all its organoleptic characteristics.

The nose is an explosion of orange blossom flowers and golden apple, touching the scent of honey, with citrus hints of mandarin and almond, while on the palate it is very fresh, clearly mineral with a touch of flavor that completes the structure.

Eruzione 1614 by Planeta is a real flagship of this important Sicilian winery. With this Carricante it is not difficult to approach pairings ranging from rock fish to pasta with summer ragù. We paired it with cuttlefish and prawn skewers to appreciate its cleanliness and great harmony.

Company Profile

Planeta represents the history of a Sicilian family and its agricultural operation, a family that, for almost five centuries now and seventeen generations, has committed itself to preserving, protecting, and developing its unique corner of earth, with an approach uninterruptedly privileging innovation in agriculture. With its viticulture and olive-growing activities and an advanced business philosophy, the Planeta family has been successful in making a positive impact on the environment and on its local community, embodying a modern Sicily proudly aware of its history, in dialogue with the world through unique products and projects.

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