The Italian lifestyle in the world is fully represented by the wines of this beautiful and historic winery named La Gioiosa, located in the province of Treviso.

La Gioiosa, owned by the Moretti Polegato family, is today one of the most innovative wineries on the Italian scenery thanks to the three wine-making sites and the quality projects carried out for many years. 

The vision of innovative research has always distinguished La Gioiosa, always attentive to territorial valorisation. It is developed through clear and concrete development projects throughout the production and market chain, particularly aimed at respect for the environment, agronomic research and technological cellar.

Furthermore, the geographical position is one of the fundamental bases for wine-making, which testifies in particular to the strong territorial vocation, as in the case of the vintage Prosecco Rosè of La Gioiosa.

A sparkling wine with an excellently balanced pink color with reminiscences of rose petal and onion peel and which opens brilliantly in the glass with a lively and delicate perlagè.

The olfactory fragrance is elegant and enveloping, very broad in the hints of apple and peach accompanied by wild strawberries and that currant that we will also find on the palate.

In fact, in the mouth it is full and well structured, the drink is completed by an excellent mineral flavor and a correct acidity which then harmonizes in a truly surprising length and softness.

This Prosecco, the vintage rosé from La Gioiosa, is a true protagonist of the aperitif but also enhanced when accompanied by fish dishes based on shellfish or not too mature cheeses.

A Rosé so balanced in its finesse that it can be drunk throughout the meal.

Company Profile

La Gioiosa’s philosophy

Not only a long tradition, but an extraordinary attitude towards innovation and research have always characterized La Gioiosa company.

The desire to produce wines according to an innovative protocol aimed at high quality throughout the production cycle, from the vineyard to the bottle, according to sustainable practices, has pushed La Gioiosa to embrace and support projects such as the Wine Research Team and the Biodiversity Friend certification over time .

Concreting in this way what has always been the mission of La Gioiosa For Life: share the magic of our bubbles around the world while respecting the environment, for a healthier future for our planet.

La Gioiosa
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Crocetta Del Montello, 31035, TV
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