The flavors of a land, suited for white wines, is contained in this Ribolla Gialla from Borgo Conventi, both for its pace of olfactory freshness and for the balance it expresses on the palate.

Borgo Conventi is a historical reality in the Friulian panorama, which has been following the qualitative and identity path of this extraordinary region for years.

What surprised us about Borgo Conventi is the strong technical agronomic connotation and its decisive pace, like a good Friulian winery, in following the qualitative path without any hesitation.

The wine we tasted is a pure Ribolla Gialla, with a brilliant color and greenish reflections given by this extraordinary and transversal grape. The nose is broad in its bouquet of spring wild flowers, the tropical scent is barely present but gives fragrance in the perceived finesse.

In the mouth it harmoniously recalls nasal scents, combining a correct acidity that recalls drinking and its finely elegant appearance is completed by an excellent final persistence.

Ribolla Gialla by Borgo Conventi is as transversal in pairings as the grape itself: it pairs particularly pleasantly with aperitifs of fish or vegetable finger food, a good contrast with a pasta with duck ragù and very suitable with grilled or baked fish. 

For us it is a further confirmation of the all-round quality of Borgo Conventi.

Company Profile

“Borgo Conventi” takes its name from the legend of Farra d’Isonzo: Count Strassoldo, known as “il Rizzardo”, donated to the Dominican friars the plot of land on which the first of the local monasteries was built. Today, Tenuta Borgo Conventi is based on that land and has made the production of refined wines its mission. Starting from the vineyard: 30 hectares distributed between two of the most suitable areas in the region, Isonzo and Collio.

Strada della Colombara, 13 | 34072 – Farra d’Isonzo (GO)

Borgo Conventi