Rive della Chiesa is a very dynamic reality, which addresses a market where the pleasure of being together is one of the fundamental values for enhancing its energy linked to the simplicity of things, well presented and with a versatile spirit that binds them together.

A grape of great charm and territorial tradition such as Passerina joins the precise range of Rive della Chiesa, offering the consumer a sparkling version of these organic grapes, grown facing the Adriatic Sea in the Marche region.

The packaging is the result of the Rive della Chiesa philosophy, where joy and cheerfulness are the backdrop to a bottle with attention to every aspect, recalling the values of the years where Rock’n Roll was the master.

In the glass it offers a precise yellow color with finely golden reflections, the bubble is fine and well balanced in its persistence, just as the wine is presented to the nose with the “simplicity” of things well done. Aromas of fruit and prevalence of wild flowers are the precursor to distinct mineral aromas, reaching hints of fresh tropical fruit.

In the mouth it is enhanced in the mineral characteristics, with an excellently balanced flavor and a pleasant acidity that recalls the drink, the “Nino ’55” allows you to fully appreciate the values of a vine such as Passerina, which thanks also to Rive della Chiesa, offers on international markets this sparkling wine is also an excellent partner for the fresh combinations of modern Italian cuisine.

From an aperitif with finger food based on fish and vegetables, to fried fish, the “Nino ’55” creates the right atmosphere to fully enjoy a good company.

Company Profile

Rive della Chiesa is a family estate in the Montello area within the Veneto region in the North East Italy. We produce wonderfully expressive, elegant and well balanced wines, unmistakably Venetian in style. The estate which dates back to the early 1960’s is now run by the second and third generation of the family. We see wine production as a way of life and take great care and pride in every stage of the process from the vineyards through to vinification and, while not afraid of adopting modern techniques also have great respect for the traditions of their parents and grand-parents. Prosecco is our core business, as it’s a very fresh and easy to drink wine. It’s perfect to share it with family and friends.

Rive della Chiesa
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