Rive della Chiesa has such a strong identity rooted in its vision that it manages to transmit it to the wines produced, thanks to consumers who appreciate its authenticity.

Describing this Asolo Extra Brut is like immersing yourself in the mentality of this family, linked to an extraordinary territory, but where the technique in the field takes the same care of the identity ideas of each single wine produced.

Asolo Extra Brut is obtained from Glera vines located on the hills surrounding the Asolo area and the 3% natural sugars, fermentation residues, make this sparkling wine an excellent cross-product for modern dishes of modern cuisine.

The absolute ability to be the protagonist already in the aperitif is also due to a perlagè of rare finesse, bubbles that emerge from a brilliant color in the nuances that transmit all the organoleptic cleanliness of this product to the sense of smell.

The scents are broad and well defined, from notes of jasmine to peach and tropical fruit, also bringing out that floral note of the spring field which makes it pleasant to enter the mouth.

In fact, on the palate it brings out all the olfactory components in a full and elegant way, leaving a mineral finish with balanced softness.

Rive della Chiesa therefore continues that path of respect and innovation, making sure to be true testimonials of a lifestyle that encompasses all the values of this beautiful area.

Company Profile

Rive della Chiesa is a family estate in the Montello area within the Veneto region in the North East Italy. We produce wonderfully expressive, elegant and well balanced wines, unmistakably Venetian in style. The estate which dates back to the early 1960’s is now run by the second and third generation of the family. We see wine production as a way of life and take great care and pride in every stage of the process from the vineyards through to vinification and, while not afraid of adopting modern techniques also have great respect for the traditions of their parents and grand-parents. Prosecco is our core business, as it’s a very fresh and easy to drink wine. It’s perfect to share it with family and friends.

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