Cristo di Campobello is located in an area of Sicily where the gaze can immerse in the beauty and rural traditions of this extraordinarily welcome and charming island.

This winery always tries to improve its already exquisite wines obtained from hilly soils rich in chalk and limestone located in 35 hectares dedicated to uncompromising quality. The processing of every single vineyard is pampered by the expert hands of the Bonetta family.

It is here that this rosé wine was born, obtained exclusively from a native vine such as Nero d’Avola, which is one of the historical symbols of Sicily.

The color is similar to a spring rose petal, and it is in fact the breadth of spring and its vital force that emerges when smelling this rosé with personality and great identity.

Flowers and aromas of fresh fruit, light spicy notes and a minerality that also comes out on the nose introduce a full and rounded taste into the mouth, fresh and fragrant, fascinating for its overall complexity and harmony.

The energy of Nero d’Avola is fully present, its character is perceived but at the same time it offers a long finish and an aftertaste that is difficult to forget.

For those who love well-made rosés, this wine by Cristo di Campobello is a proud representative, to be paired either with summer dishes or roasted quail legs with mixed salad or with burrata and anchovies. Another interesting pairing can also be pizza with fresh tomatoes and vegetables. Once more, the winery from Agrigento, Cristo di Campobello, gave us authentic emotions.

Company Profile

Cristo di Campobello was born into an uncontaminated land that displays infinite environmental nuances and carries with it local religious tradition; a land cultivated with passion and devotion, benefiting from the patience and experience of three family men. Thirty-five hectares of vineyards planted in the soil of Agrigento, Sicily; deep soil, both calcareous and chalky, spread over hills that lie between 230 and 270 meters above sea level, just 8,000 meters from the coast. Limited production, following the fortunes of each vintage, only fully ripe grapes harvested by hand, separate vinification of each grape variety, all done in order to respect and preserve the characteristics of the unique and precious land. These are only some of the choices made by Bonetta’s Family in an endeavor to achieve the level of quality sought from the outset.

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