Exploring the rich history and unique charm of the Ruggeri winery serves as the initial step for any wine enthusiast. This sets the stage for savoring the exquisite sparkling wine, Ladaltempo N°1, a product of Ruggeri’s extensive expertise and insightful winemaking tradition.

Ladaltempo carries an evocative name that conveys the capacity to patiently await the perfect moment without yielding to external deadlines and circumstances. Indeed, from its inception, this wine has been meticulously crafted through extended aging on its lees, aiming to inspire those who enjoy it to embrace a slower pace, contemplate, and savor the innate cadence of the land. It’s not coincidental that the carefully chosen packaging evokes the sundial, a genuine symbol of rural Valdobbiadene, symbolically linking time and place.

Ruggeri aimed to create a true emblem of local sparkling wine, thanks to the exceptional quality of carefully harvested grapes from the Valdobbiadene region. Following the fermentation process, Ladaltempo underwent a slow refermentation in autoclaves, and the remarkable result of such a captivatingly lengthy maturation period was fully appreciated in its entirety during the tasting. What truly sets Ladaltempo apart is indeed the “Ruggeri Method,” a distinctive and unique technique that entails an extended and tranquil aging process on the lees for a full 60 months.

Upon pouring, our panel of tasters was almost surprised (perhaps misled by the Denomination or its place of origin, Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG), as the distinct and clear sensation was the pronounced creaminess that forcefully filled the glass.

When it came to the aroma, Ladaltempo 2017 burst forth with its full, fragrant character, showcasing the Glera grape’s exceptional purity. However, it was the diverse range of well-defined scents that truly stood out, ranging from delicate white flowers to the enticing subtlety of tropical fruits. This aromatic journey culminated in unexpectedly delightful notes of crisp white-fleshed fruits, summer wildflowers, and fragrant herbs.

Ladaltempo represents a masterful balancing act, a carefully orchestrated interplay of refined freshness and structure, underscored by the exceptional and inventive craftsmanship that bestows a unique identity upon this Prosecco Superiore, courtesy of its extended aging on the lees.

This significant vintage sparkling wine astounds with its capacity to excel on any grand occasion, aligning perfectly with flavor harmonies and complementing steamed and fried seafood. It emerges as a true star in the ongoing pursuit of the finest ingredients within the realm of modern Italian cuisine.

We extend our wishes for Ladaltempo 2017, a product born from Ruggeri’s vision and passion, to enjoy a future brimming with substantial achievements and acknowledgment in an international market that is growing ever more discerning and appreciative of the unwavering quality that defines this winery.

Company Profile

Ruggeri is a historic winery founded in 1950 in Valdobbiadene the most evocative area of the entire Prosecco Superiore DOCG denomination. Ruggeri produces its sparkling wines from grapes grown in the splendid hills of Valdobbiadene, known for producing the highest quality grapes of the denomination. Right at the center of this territory lies the precious Cartizze hill, the most famous cru of the entire area. The constant striving for quality has resulted in Ruggeri becoming one of the key producers of Cartizze sparkling wine, so much that the logo of the winery symbolizes the enduring bond between Ruggeri and the Cartizze area.

Via Prà Fontana, 4
Valdobbiadene, TV 31049 IT

+39 0423 9092

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