This classic method of excellent character greatly intrigued our panel of tasters, for this reason we wanted to read the story of this winery to fully understand their careful balance both in the vineyard and in the cellar aimed at sustainability and care of the production vineyards. Not by chance it also features the word Green on the label, almost to underline its artisanal philosophy.

It is a frank and intriguing bubble that emerges in the glass from this sparkling wine which still deliberately has residual yeasts which, although clouding the glass, enhance the olfactory notes, thus enveloping us with toasted notes elegantly opened by a good floral and fruity impact. 

A product that is surprising for its drinkability, in fact it is full and round in the mouth with good length and harmony, with a fine bubble that gives cleanliness to the palate.

The history of Italian sparkling wine continues on its fascinating path also thanks to wines such as this of Seiterre, expertly crafted with continuous attention and curiosity to be able to appreciate the characteristics of the production terroir.

A classic method wine to be paired with fish and shellfish soups, excellent with a fregola with octopus and to try with a vegetable pasta, risking with a tagliatella with artichokes to be able to enjoy this cleanliness and structure given by good sparkling wine production.

Company Profile

The Rizzi family began cultivating grapes with love and making wine with passion in Avio, Trentino, in 1877. The third generation, Remo Rizzi, moved from Trentino to Verona in the 1960s. It was Luigino Rizzi, Remo’s son and the fourth generation, who acquired new vineyards in renowned wine-growing areas, expanding to include hectares of vines in Tuscany and Piedmont, in addition to those already in other regions, to meet the needs of his winemaking projects. SEITERRE, which today is based south of Lake Garda, sees the entire family involved in the business, primarily the daughter Anna, who alongside her father Luigino coordinates the development of foreign markets, marketing, and hospitality.

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