What goals are you focusing on for this ProWein?

Our primary purpose is to keep fostering ties with our importers. ProWein is a significant opportunity to interact with the wine industry, grow your business, and meet new people. The entire world is here: we have put a lot of effort into getting our wines ready for ProWein.

What are your projections and expectations for this ProWein?

The market situation is peculiar, especially for bulk wine purchases, which are limited; bottlers do not stock up and only order what is needed for bottling (they prefer to avoid risks). ProWein gives us a glimpse of where we are headed and, in my opinion, acts as a benchmark for evaluating the state of the market and its possibilities. I believe it is an essential time (strategically speaking).

What does the German market represent for Settesoli/Mandrarossa?

We are at ProWein with both the Mandrarossa and Settesoli lines. We see Germany as a key market where we can continue to grow: we are certain that, despite the financial crisis, it still has strong growth margins. Expansion on this market is one of the specific topics we will cover at the Düsseldorf trade show.