Being a family. A peasant and rural family, with a story to tell that goes beyond time and is brought to the contemporaries in its consistent strength of spirit. Trying to transmit this story daily to anyone who has an open heart is an identity pillar of the Castagnedi family, owner of Tenuta Sant’Antonio brand. 

Amarone Campo dei Gigli 2018 is the wine we tasted. It is a balance of native grapes (mainly Corvina and Corvinone) grown according to the Veronese pergola system. The processing of these grapes is careful from the manual harvest to the subsequent drying, then the wine obtained remains in new tonneaux for at least three years, feeling at ease in the family cellars.

This wine opens in the glass: it is authentic and full of those emotions that an attentive nose captures. It has broad and harmonious nuances, even mysterious as regards to its almost impenetrable colour. Infact its bright purple color communicates the lively heartbeat of this Amarone 2018.

On the nose it is an olfactory panorama of both delicate and powerful scents, wild blackberry jam, spices and oriental woods, that pure cocoa caressed by pepper.

The harmony and taste balance are impressive, it leaves an uncompromising fullness in the mouth, a light acid note confirms its longevity and the softness is difficult to describe.

The Amarone “Campo dei Gigli” stands out as a prime illustration of the winery’s new quality path. Today, it serves as a noteworthy model for the modern “Valpolicella Orientale” style, marked by meticulous vineyard management, stringent selections, and a focus on terroir. The distinctive white terroir of Valpolicella, expressed in the glass, not only imparts elegance and verticality but also acts as a pivotal element in shaping the future of the appellation.

Rather than thinking about pairings, while intensely tasting this wine, a phrase from Jonathan Swift, the author of Gulliver’s Travels, came to mind: “Wine should be eaten, it is too good to just be drunk”. Our heartfelt congratulations to the Castagnedi family, and sincere thanks.

Company Profile

Tenuta Sant’Antonio was established in 1995 as a dream of the four Castagnedi brothers who, coming from generations of winegrowers, were committed to making iconic wines guided by research, experience and passion, giving a new interpretation to terroirs that encompass true milestones of the Veneto, Italian and worldwide winemaking tradition. Valpolicella DOC and Soave DOC. Located on the beautiful hillsides of Colognola ai Colli, the Estate is an ambitious and constantly evolving business project that has always set rigorous quality as the backbone of production, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation to promote sustainability, excellence and international acknowledgement, and ensuring the highest expression of the Estate’s identity. Three brands are produced, Tenuta Sant’Antonio, Scaia and Télos, capable of astounding with labels ranging from Amarone to Soave and Valpolicella, each with its own soul while being all intrinsically bound up with the company’s know-how. Through them, the family expresses its vision of viticulture, creating each bottle in a unique way and applying the painstaking care of craftsmanship to a production that will captivate consumers worldwide.

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Colognola Ai Colli (VERONA), VR 37030 IT
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