For centuries, the allure of Piedmont’s lands in the wine world has been widely acknowledged, especially concerning esteemed red wines like Barolos and Barbarescos, symbols of universally acclaimed prestige. It’s within the Langhe, this Italian region, that a notably current classic method flourishes: the Alta Langa DOCG.

The Alta Langa Extra Brut 2019 we tasted today originates from the historic “Terre del Barolo” estate—a union of Piedmontese families established 65 years ago, striving for ever-increasing recognition in quality through a well-defined array of products.

This sparkling wine, predominantly crafted from 85% Pinot Nero and complemented by Chardonnay, boasts a mature, golden-hued yellow and presents an exceptionally fine, dense, and persistent effervescence, with an elegantly gradual development of remarkably white foam in the glass.

Aromas of Pan Brioche and ripe white fruit are pronounced on the nose, both intense and inviting. On the palate, it impresses with its immense freshness, crispness, and creaminess, concluding with a long, dry, mineral finish embodying harmonious elegance.

The 2019 Altalanga from Terre del Barolo is a striking sparkling wine due to its adaptability at the dining table: pairing seamlessly with raw seafood and tuna tartare, proving excellent alongside courtyard ragu pasta, and highly praised alongside baked vegetable lasagna. Its versatility extends effortlessly to main courses, elevating the ingredients’ harmony.

Company Profile

One of the marvels of Piedmont is the “Terre del Barolo” winery in Castiglione Falletto, established amidst the vineyards that grow one of the world’s most illustrious wines: Barolo. A family of smallholders – because that is what each of its three hundred members has remained – living, farming and nourishing the land, while adding value to their enterprise with their own culture, history and customs. Every cluster tells the story of the miracle of the seasons, of the sun and the rain, of work that encompasses thousands of nuances.
This is “Terre del Barolo”.

Terre del Barolo
Via Alba – Barolo n.8
12060 Castiglione Falletto (CN)
Tel: +39 0173 262053

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