The first white DOP wine from this region mirrors a territory that – since the Middle Ages – has proudly chronicled the history of this grape variety: Vernaccia di San Gimignano.

In this tasting, we will try Vernacccia Sant’Elena produced by Terruzzi, a winery belonging to the Moretti Group.

This is a “Reserve wine” (released two years after the grapes are harvested), created from a Cru of about 3 hectares called “Sant’Elena”, which provides additional value to the final product.

Terruzzi has always been a flagship brand in this fascinating part of Tuscany, thanks to its great attention to research and sustainability, which are perfectly represented in this highly distinctive wine.

The great research work in sustainability has always led the Teruzzi brand to be a true flagship of this fascinating Tuscan area. Its highly distinctive Vernaccia di San Gimignano makes it perfectly clear.

The color is a vibrant yellow with bright nuances. The nose bears a certain complexity and breadth that shine together enhancing the wine’s minerality, further enhanced by a bouquet of aromas: white ripe fruit, spring flowers, and delicate Mediterranean spices.

The mouth is savory and complex, with a surprising acidity that nevertheless does not impact the wine’s elegance. The refined aftertaste is decisively mineral and fresh, reminiscent of citrus fruit.

The Vernaccia di San Gimignano Cru can be paired with white meat ragù pasta, garnished with rosemary and sage, to fully appreciate its quality and excellent balance.

Company Profile

Teruzzi was founded in 1974 in a beautiful place of unparalleled value: San Gimignano. The bond with the place of origin is very strong but dynamic, anchored in history and projected towards its contemporary enhancement. This is the challenge taken up by the Moretti family: innovation, respect for the territory and the Tuscan winemaking tradition. A path that aims at exalting the heritage of nobility and character of San Gimignano and its most precious resource: the Vernaccia. The most famous quote about Vernaccia is from Dante Alighieri, who in the Divine Comedy sends Pope Martin IV to Purgatory to serve the sins of gluttony, particularly the eels of Bolsena drowned in Vernaccia. The estate’s agricultural heritage covers an area of 180 hectares, 96 planted with vines of which 62 are dedicated to Vernaccia. A guarantee of variety in terms of soils, altitudes, slopes, microclimates and many options for the best possible result.

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