Experiencing a true emotion while discovering a territory is undoubtedly one of the values ​​of this splendid company, which has become an icon not only in wine tourism but also in values related to the beauty of the landscape.

The winery presents itself in a corner of Tuscany that enriches the panorama, both internally and externally enjoyable, and it excels in tasting the various offered wines.

Today we tasted the exemplary quality that bears the name of the company, the Toscana Rosso IGT “Petra”. Not even 20,000 bottles for this blend where the Cabernet Sauvignon takes the lead, accompanied by Merlot and that ‘touch’ of Cabernet Franc that consolidates its evolution not only in aroma.

The color is intriguing for its brilliance, a vibrant red gifted by the 2020 harvest and Petra’s expert winemaking hand.

On the nose, it’s full and persuasive, rich in a breadth of ripe red fruit while keeping alive the notes of aromatic freshness from Mediterranean herbs.

On the palate, it summarizes the explosion of the olfactory senses, with a silky and engaging structure that excels in its softness and harmony.

In pairing, Petra brings out the best with meats of the same quality as this wine; to complete the tasting, we paired it with a porcini mushroom fillet and then closed with an excellent aged pecorino. Congratulations to this true company symbol.

Company Profile

Before being a winery, Petra is a natural oasis covering 300 hectares, a lush amphitheater that laps the Colline Metallifere and the Montioni Park, opening southwest toward the island of Elba and the Tyrrhenian Sea. In this particular microcosm with a strong agricultural vocation and low rainfall, the culture of wine has embraced all ages of man’s becoming, from the time of the Etruscans and Greeks, through the French domination of the 19th century, to the present day.

In 1997, Francesca Moretti’s dream took shape in Suvereto, a place suspended between the sea and iron hills in the wild Val di Cornia in the Tuscan Maremma. Memories of the past and ancestral forces of nature are intertwined in the wines of Petra, a company with an agricultural vocation before even a wine-making vocation. From the very beginning, the project has aimed to enhance the beauty of the surrounding area, conveying in each wine the specific agronomic identity of the winery’s micro-terroirs; the cellar work is enhanced by the design of architect Mario Botta, which has become such a significant element that it characterizes the wine itself.

At the basis of Petra’s production philosophy is respect for biodiversity and minimizing the mechanical impact on the grapes and must, thanks to processing by soft gravity.

Petra Azienda Agricola
Località San Lorenzo Alto, 131
57028 – Suvereto (LI), Italia

+39 0565 845308

PETRA EsternoCantina scaled
PETRA EsternoCantina scaled