The wine industry, a realm steeped in tradition and innovation, continuously seeks ways to adapt to a changing landscape. The recent Wine Future event provided a pivotal platform for industry leaders and experts to delve into the challenges and opportunities defining the vinicultural world today. For those who couldn’t attend, fear not – the treasure trove of recorded sessions is now at your fingertips.

Whether you missed out on the event or desire to reimmerse yourself in its enlightening discussions, the recordings offer a gateway to invaluable insights.

What’s on offer?

The recorded content encapsulates the event’s essence, available in two distinct packages:

  1. Individual sessions, panels, or keynotes – At $40 per segment, you can cherry-pick specific areas of interest for in-depth exploration.
  2. The full conference experience – For $175, access all eight panels, five keynotes, and an exclusive inclusion of two tastings, encapsulating the event’s breadth and depth.

A limited opportunity: special promotion

The first 100 purchasers of the full conference package will avail themselves of a special offer at $99 instead of the standard $175. It’s an unparalleled chance to grasp the entirety of Wine Future’s essence at an incredible value.

Moreover, those opting for the full conference package unlock an added bonus: access to tastings and masterclasses hosted by revered figures in the industry, Mark Squires and Richard Mayson.

How to access the offer

To access this special offer, visit Wine Future’s e-commerce store at and use the discount code winemeridian10 during checkout.

Three days of insightful dialogues

The fourth edition of Wine Future gathered the crème de la crème of the wine industry, alongside influential voices from divergent sectors. Their aim was simple yet profound: to confront the contemporary challenges faced by the wine business while inspiring actionable solutions for companies and individuals worldwide.

The conference underscored several critical themes, including engaging new consumers, particularly Millennials and Generation Z, embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion, navigating an unpredictable global economy, countering competition from alternative beverages, enhancing communication and promotion strategies related to wine, and simultaneously bolstering sales in the face of these challenges.

Key themes of Wine Future 2023

  1. Engaging new consumers: Exploring strategies to captivate the evolving tastes of Millennials and Generation Z.
  2. Diversity, equity, and inclusion: Recognizing the opportunities in fostering diversity within the industry.
  3. Navigating global economic uncertainty: Tackling the challenges posed by an unstable global economy.
  4. Alternative beverages competition: Addressing the rise of alternative beverages and how the wine industry can stay competitive.
  5. Effective communication and promotion: Enhancing communication strategies to promote wine and related activities.
  6. Balancing sales improvement: Strategies for simultaneously addressing industry challenges and improving sales performance.

Secure your access to the recordings now and be part of the transformative journey that is Wine Future 2023. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate enthusiast, there’s something for everyone in this unparalleled exploration of the world of wine.