This historic and groundbreaking Italian sparkling wine house epitomizes a distinctive vision in the realm of Prosecco and top-tier sparkling wines. It’s all about establishing a unique identity, both as a brand and in understanding the diverse markets it has been a part of for many years. Valdo has consistently upheld an unwavering choice in its wines, while also staying attuned to the evolving trends and lifestyles associated with sparkling wines. This dedication remains deeply rooted in the familial values that define this Venetian winery.

Acquarius, the extra dry sparkling wine sampled today, emerged from a collaboration with New York artist Ceci Johnson, renowned for her luxury design approach and a captivating style in color composition and vivacity in her creations. The bottle’s effervescent design, evoking an underwater fantasy world, radiates brightness and vivaciousness, forming a superb fusion with the bubbles. Particularly for this Extra Dry sparkling wine, its soft and expansive floral fragrance intertwines with fruit notes hinting at tropical scents and the aromatic essence of marine greenery.

The delightful balance and elegance of Acquarius on the palate derive from its savory equilibrium. Each sip offers a full and refined experience, courtesy of its enveloping effervescence and a pleasingly rounded finish. It’s an artistic masterpiece that complements a sparkling wine capable of elevating the dining experience, be it with seafood appetizers, salted shellfish, or shrimp and herb-filled tortellini. Acquarius transports us into a world of enticing maritime aromas, distinctly embodied in the quality of this sparkling wine.

Company Profile

The Valdo wineries were established at the heart of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a unique land and Unesco World Heritage, just half an hour from the magnificent city of Venice. The love story between Valdo and this land rewarded by nature and at the heart of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG production is continually evolving. Year after year, Valdo has written new pages, describing how passion, together with tradition and innovation, can lead to the creation of unique Sparkling wines.

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