The Cuvée by Boj Vintage, part of the Atelier Collection, is a step back in time, a sparkling wine that marked an era and that today the company has re-proposed to enthusiasts in the same sartorial guise of that time, in a limited and celebratory edition.
Only 12,386 bottles produced to commemorate the forty harvests, 1982-2021, from the year in which Bruno Bolla reinterpreted the Glera style of the prestigious Valdobbiadene hills in an even more refined way. Just like then, the blend of 75% Glera and 25% Chardonnay dresses the glass with elegance, refinement and uniqueness. A historical Prosecco, as was possible at the time, wanted in the same original style. A “vintage” to be understood not according to the year of the harvest – in this case it is also a vintage – but as the original cuvée of the time, the same grapes from the most suitable vineyards, hand-picked and vinified as in the past.
Celebrating the history of the winery by telling about a sparkling wine that goes beyond conventions, loved as a reminder of glorious years, an active summary of tradition and a long life of work, today more than ever loved for its freshness, the cleanliness, the dynamism granted by Glera to the palate. A 2021 vintage in a Brut dosage of only 8 gr / liter of sugar, vinified according to the classic long Martinotti method, to keep the extraordinary floral notes, strength and minerality unaltered, that delicate correspondence to a territory of ancient cultural practices that is possible to meet and feel only in a sip of Cuvée by Boj Vintage.
The tasting of wine therefore also as a creative act to meet the places of the soul that are now inaccessible. It is advisable to appreciate all its charm served at a temperature of 8 degrees, in combination with a plateau of seafood and coquillage.

Company Profile

Valdo, a name that immediately recalls the unique area to which it belongs: the heart of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Company’s history is inextricably linked with that of the Bolla family, with its intrinsic passion and entrepreneurial spirit. Active in the wine sector for almost 100 years and considered among the oldest vintners in the area, over the course of three generations it has successfully transmitted the culture of Prosecco throughout Italy and to the rest of the world. In 1883, Abele Bolla, grandfather of Valdo’s founder, Sergio, decided to start producing wines to supply the best bars, restaurants and hotels in Venice and Milan. Since then, Cantine Valdo, whose history officially began in 1926, has constantly evolved and developed, constantly aiming for excellence via its enhancement of tradition and instinct for innovation. Valdo’s commitment to sustainability, an inalienable value for the protection of the area and its inhabitants, rendered concrete via various initiatives. These include a 10% reduction in the use of water resources in the winery, the salvaging of production waste, the installation of a new photovoltaic system to cover about 70% of the company’s energy needs, and the engagement of a B Corp company for logistics and low-impact transport. In addition to selecting sustainable packaging, wherever possible, resulting in a reduction in the use of plastic in all service and on-site materials such as coolers and sparkling wine buckets, Valdo also supports reforestation projects in Italy.

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