Wine and history. How can they be combined? The Italian wine tradition comes for sure from the the Roman period and there are a lot of connections between today and the past. 

Vivaldi, the new project of Cantina Valpolicella Negrar, focused on Verona, aims of bringing together and representing under a common name the main districts of the Veronese wine area: Soave, Valpolicella, Custoza, Bardolino and Garda.

With the purpose of telling the story of wine since Roman period, Vivaldi created a new brand project: «Vicus Victa».

This project tells the history of the uniqueness of Verona and of its territories. A tale that begins in 49 B.C. when Julius Caesar declares Verona «municipium romanum». From that moment on, Verona became one of the most important Roman town, enriched by monuments, paintings and mosaics, garnishing buildings and countryside villas. 

Nowdays, the hidden art, lost over the centuries, resurfaces thanks to the vines, that thrive all around the territory. The roots spread down below until they reach the mosaics, revealing this ancient and bright beauty through the fissures of the soil.

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«Vicus Victa» focuses on one of the greatest white wines of the Veronese area: SOAVE. From the Soave Classico area, an elegant white wine, that succeded in balancing freshness and intensity, expressing an interesting minerality in all of its texture. Soave DOC Classico is the focus wine for Vicus Victa. 

The other two wines of the selection are: Garganega and Corvina

A white wine made up of Garganega 100%, autoctonous vine of the Veronese area, used up to 70%, according the Soave DOC regulations. White fruits and flowers perfumes, with an upstanding citrus note. On the palate the sip is fresh, mineral and elegant. 

Wine made up with the most iconic grape variety of the Valpolicella Area, Corvina is a soft and warming red wine, releasing all the cherry notes that identify this variety. Long finish with recalls of sweet spices and chocolate.

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