Vivallis embodies in its values the desire to demonstrate, first of all to themselves and to the members who make up this cooperative from Trentino, an identity and the safeguarding of a territory of great charm.

The wine proposed today by Vivallis is their “Piwi White Rock”, a wine obtained from vines resistant to fungal diseases, such as Bronner, Solaris and Muscaris.

The captivating packaging recalls the color of the Dolomite rocks where these vineyards cling and grow, in positions of true heroic viticulture.

The uniqueness of this wine is in fact the union between the mountain area where it is born and its pleasant and persistent fresh and floral fruity note, bringing out on the nose real hints of minerality mixed with citrus and tropical notes, added to real floral sweetness of white flowers.

In the mouth the fresh note, the balanced acidity and flavor make it a complete wine, well balanced in its harmonious character.

We must also underline the modernity of this wine for international cuisine, in fact it lends itself transversally from fish appetizers to delicate baked pasta, its strength, deriving from the character of the beautiful Trentino mountains is expressed with great pleasure and tells us a story of passion and great tenacity in the glass.

Company Profile

The Vivallis brand was born in 2004 following the age-old legacy of the Vallagarina Agricultural Society – Vallis Agri Scarl. “VI” as vintners, vine, wine and life; “VALLIS” to demonstrate the strong link with Latinity and with the roots of the wine culture of the valley. The brand embodies the historic and passionate union of work in the vineyard and in the cellar. Today, Vivallis expresses the strength of its roots, harvesting and transforming the grapes from over 900 hectares of vineyards, located in highly suitable areas, expertly cultivated by 700 members, led by a trained technical team of agronomists and oenologists. The production goal is ambitious: to enclose the culture, history and passion of the past in our wines and, through the measured use of advanced technologies, to offer more modern contents, to continue to be a true and dynamic expression of the Vallagarina area.

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