Villa Franciacorta was born in a small medieval village adjacent to Lake Iseo, a microcosm of beauty where wines of intense passion are produced combined with that charm that brings together tradition and that curiosity typical of those who want to look to the future with true identity commitment.

This Extra Brut, called “Emozione Unica”, is obtained from a blend of equal proportions of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, grown on land where minerality is the real hostess.

This is a sparkling wine that excites already at the sight, the greenish nuances in a golden yellow crystal, bring out a very fine perlage inviting the nose into a complexity and aromatic breadth of great value.

Scents of orange blossom and white field flowers, notes of grapefruit and that olfactory finish reminiscent of hazelnuts, harmonize in the mouth together with an excellently balanced flavor and acidity and which make this Extra Brut with a very low residual sugar (3%) a sparkling wine with a long-lived spirit and a strong identity.

Villa Franciacorta winery is a pearl of refinement in its productions, always attentive to making the consumer and international markets savor that heart full of passion for the Franciacorta area which is the real engine of this reality.

Pairing an Extra Brut as a unique emotion is knowing how to combine raw materials of the highest quality to savor their essence, we tasted it with a Sardinian fregola with octopus sauce to be able to fully appreciate the balance and enhance the harmony of this important Spumante of Villa.

Company Profile

Villa Franciacorta is an ancient medieval village whose heart is the 16th-century cellar. It is located in the heart of the Madonna della Rosa hill and houses the red wines of tradition, wines of historic fame in the region, mentioned since 1800 in the pages of the Gazzetta di Bergamo by Gabriele Rosa, who wrote: “Good wines of Franciacorta, but the wines of Monticello are better than all for goodness!”. The original 16th-century cellar houses original Slavonian oak barrels, restored by a master cooper, and a series of small carats alternate with wine vats in cement for further refinement of the renowned red wines signed by Villa Franciacorta.

Villa Franciacorta
Località Villa, 12
25040 Monticelli Brusati (BS)
+39 030.652329

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