In the upcoming days, an important investigation will be launched to delve into and analyze the current situation of Prosecco in some key international markets. These markets include Norway, the United Kingdom, China, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Australia, the USA, and Southeast Asia. The survey will be conducted among industry experts, buyers, and influential figures actively engaged in the Prosecco industry. This initiative represents a unique opportunity to assess the well-being of Prosecco in its various DOC and DOCG classifications in some of the most relevant global markets.

The investigation is the result of collaboration between Wine Meridian (a specialized magazine focused on the analysis of international wine markets) and Villa Sandi, one of the most authoritative companies historically involved in Prosecco production. Founded in 1622, Villa Sandi upholds a venerable tradition, and the Moretti Polegato family, who owns Villa Sandi, have played a pivotal role in propelling Prosecco to international acclaim. This collaboration seamlessly combines the expertise of seasoned producers with that of market experts, providing a holistic approach to the investigation and ensuring an accurate assessment of the current Prosecco landscape in the identified key markets.

The significance of Prosecco

Prosecco, with its characteristic effervescence and fruity flavor, has long been a favorite beverage worldwide. Suitable for special celebrations and casual moments alike, its growing popularity has been driven by an excellent price-quality ratio and its extreme versatility. In the first four months of 2023, according to Coldiretti data, Prosecco supported Italian wine exports worldwide with a growth rate of more than double (+5%) compared to the national trend and represents the most appreciated Italian wine with over one-fifth (20.3%) of sales abroad. Flavio Geretto, Global Export Director of Villa Sandi, emphasized the importance of this project and the company’s commitment to Prosecco exports. Thanks to its extensive international experience, Villa Sandi recognized the opportunity to deepen the understanding of Prosecco’s positioning within the main export markets.

Purpose of the investigation

Industry professionals and experts will have the opportunity to express their assessments on various aspects related to Prosecco, including:

1. Current market status: Experts will share their opinions on the current state of the Prosecco market in their respective countries.

2. Difference between Prosecco DOC and Prosecco Valdobbiadene Conegliano Superiore DOCG: Perception of the two categories will be examined.

3. Positioning: How Prosecco is positioned in their respective markets and what factors contribute to this positioning.

4. Future prospects: Industry professionals will express their opinions on the future prospects of Prosecco in their export markets.

5. Actions for the future: Operators will be asked to suggest actions to ensure the right positioning and image of Prosecco in the analyzed markets.

6. Effectiveness of the OCM: The effectiveness of using the OCM Vino Promotion Third Countries measure will be analyzed.

Expectations for the results

The results of this investigation are eagerly anticipated and will be of great interest to the entire “Prosecco System.” The investigation conducted by Villa Sandi and Wine Meridian represents a significant step forward in understanding the global Prosecco market.

“We are truly eager to learn the results”, emphasized Geretto, “because we believe they can provide valuable insights not only into the current health of Prosecco in the most important international markets but also useful hints to ensure the competitiveness of Prosecco in the near future.”

This investigation represents a unique opportunity to closely examine the evolution of Prosecco in global markets and formulate future strategies that allow this Italian icon to continue shining worldwide.

To participate in the investigation:

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