North of Venice, in the province of Treviso, the hills at the foot of the Dolomites give birth to the “Asolo Prosecco” DOCG. Villa Sandi, a venerable company with a long history of innovation, introduces this outstanding Prosecco, which is made from grapes that have been certified in compliance with the production standard “Biodiversity Friend”.

Sustainability is rapidly becoming a priority for high-calibre businesses like Villa Sandi, and at the same time, qualitative research is enabling us to highlight the exceptional territorial work of this Veneto area region in the cultivation and vinification stages.

This elegant sparkling wine has a beautifully maintained bubble in the glass, enabling notes of white flowers, apple, and fresh white-fleshed fruit with faint tropical undertones to show through. This Prosecco has a perfectly balanced harmony of aromatic notes in the tongue, with a mineral and delightfully lengthy aftertaste, leaving a remarkable cleanliness and superb smells.

From “finger food” aperitifs composed of seasonal fish and vegetables to being the highlight of Venetian lagoon meals (like fried fish and seafood crudités), the possibilities are endless.

A beautiful example of Prosecco with a very pleasant sip and a distinct regional flavor.

Company Profile

Villa Sandi is located in one of the most renowned wine regions in Italy, the Prosecco area. A family-owned winery, it owns estates in all the different Prosecco appellations, from the wider DOC area to the Asolo DOCG gentle hillsides, from the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG steep slopes to the special cru of Cartizze in Valdobbiadene. The winery is “Biodiversity Friend” certified, stating that the vine growing and production practices are designed to preserve the health and integrity of the environment and its biodiversity. Villa Sandi is a sparkle specialist not only for Prosecco but for the Classic Method “Opere” as well, which matures in Villa Sandi centuries-old underground cellars which also host the barrrique rooms for Villa Sandi aged wines.

Villa Sandi
Via Erizzo, 113/A
Crocetta Del Montello, 31035, TV
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