Villa Sandi’s commitment to quality and sustainability has deep historical roots, originating from a visionary approach and continuous research. Their philosophy revolves around meticulous attention to detail, from the vineyard to the marketing of their wines, combining tradition and knowledge with a strong emphasis on preserving biodiversity in their production areas.

The Prosecco Extra Brut 120 exemplifies the allure of this company. It begins with an elegant and refined packaging, much like the fine bubbles you’ll find in your glass. The wine’s brilliant yellow color and maturation process invite the nose to experience the typical richness of a Prosecco crafted in the Valdobbiadene hills. You’ll detect notes of ripe green apple, fresh tropical fruits, and a well-defined white floral aroma that introduces a rare minerality to the scent. This complexity is likely achieved through the selection of yeasts by Villa Sandi, along with the essential 120 days of maturation, which play a pivotal role in creating this iconic and captivating Prosecco.

In the mouth, the wine mirrors the expansive sensory experience, with a distinct burst of minerality that becomes even more pronounced when paired with the right dishes. The Prosecco Extra Brut 120 pleasantly surprises with its personality, transparency, and elegance, reinforcing our belief that Villa Sandi is a winery dedicated to unwavering quality.

This wine pairs excellently with raw seafood or pasta dishes featuring a white ragù. Its savory and mineral notes offer a versatile canvas for chefs who are particularly focused on elevating the quality of their ingredients. It’s a fantastic companion for a memorable dining experience.

Company Profile

Villa Sandi is located in one of the most renowned wine regions in Italy, the Prosecco area. A family-owned winery, it owns estates in all the different Prosecco appellations, from the wider DOC area to the Asolo DOCG gentle hillsides, from the Conegliano-Valdobbiadene DOCG steep slopes to the special cru of Cartizze in Valdobbiadene. The winery is “Biodiversity Friend” certified, stating that the vine growing and production practices are designed to preserve the health and integrity of the environment and its biodiversity. Villa Sandi is a sparkle specialist not only for Prosecco but for the Classic Method “Opere” as well, which matures in Villa Sandi centuries-old underground cellars which also host the barrrique rooms for Villa Sandi aged wines.

Villa Sandi
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Villa Sandi