No, don’t get lost in a glass of water!

During our travels around the world, we have had the opportunity to visit breathtaking wineries with structures that literally left us speechless. From modern architectural works to true art galleries, the world of wine can offer unique spaces.

Yet, if we were to sum up all the wineries we have visited over the years, it was not necessarily those with the best aesthetic structures that left an indelible mark on our hearts. What really made the difference in retrospect was the “human” side of the wine tourism experience, the storytelling, and the contact with a passionate owner.

Despite this…

The tasting room is an element that often scares wine companies, to the point that it makes some entrepreneurs give up on starting their own wine tourism business.

But the truth is that costs can remain very low: a simple space dedicated to hospitality and an area set up for wine tastingis all you need to welcome wine tourists. Certainly, the more aesthetically pleasing the room, the better the impact on the eyes of the tourist, but we are sure that this can come with time, thanks to the success of the company in the wine tourism field.

In short, costs should not discourage from embarking on this path: a room for tasting, a simple tasting kit, and a strong desire to welcome and tell stories are all you need to start the adventure!