The tourist offer is always sensitive to the demands of individuals who enjoy living in tandem with their out-of-the-ordinary excursions: from the cabins in high mountains with a view on the summits, where it is possible to enjoy an exclusive and romantic night in the most absolute silence, to more demanding escapes searching for the northern lights; from the aperitifs in sailing boats, docking under the cliff, to the more classical but evergreen wellness paths made for couples.

It is difficult to give ourselves a limit when we decide to fly out with fantasy and to achieve our desire to spend time with our loved ones making the whole experience as magical as possible: agencies and tour operators have developed a topic area reserved to couples in all its possible declinations.

The only limit is, indeed, given by our fantasy.

For what concerns us closely, we can observe that, luckily, in a couple is more and more probable that, with an absolute gender equality, there is one wine lover; and that, as a consequence, wine is the starting point to donate ourselves an experience to remember.
On the other hand, wine has the capacity to indulge like no other thing the meeting contest: exclusive sparkling wines to make a toast at New Year’s Even in a foreign city, an enchanting red wine in front of a fireplace to go with the warmth of a new life’s project; a white wine to exalt the emotions of freshly catch sea food; a great raisin wine for a sweet dessert and so on.

Not coincidentally, in movies, between the two protagonists of a love story, there is always a bottle of wine.
On the wine tourism front, the wine companies are more and more sensible to this intimacy request and they do not fail to propose offers dedicated to the enamored which go from an aperitif by candlelight, to the possibility of having dinner and stay overnight in a vineyard in small wood structures to enjoy the beauty of a sunset or the charm of a stellar night.

Among the most appreciated couple experiences, there is the possibility of doing a wellness path in a cellar, with saunas, massages and emotional paths with a vineyard view.

Our cellars do not fail in fantasy to offer couples an unforgivable experience. However, sometimes, there are no adequate structures and spaces to realize this type of offer: it is clear that values need to be calculated with the concrete possibilities we have available and often, to aim for too pompous projects is the risk of getting ahead of ourselves.

Yet, we are convinced that even in less structured companies, there is the possibility to personalize the view and make it unique for couple who are looking for a special experience.
There is no need to overdo and it is counterproductive to try and emulate models that are not compatibles whit our reality.

To make magical a date in cellar, for two enamored who choose our place to spend a romantic moment, there is no need for a spa or a cabin among the vineyards.
One particular, one attention, one gesture might be enough to intercept the intimacy desire in a couple and make it possible for our cellar to become a happily unforgettable moment.
When we are in love, we are happy and we would do anything to remember that moment of happiness.
Let us open the doors to our wine shop and with some luck, our bottle of wine will be a reminder of a magical moment and maybe it will beat the couple’s anniversaries.

To specialize in the romantic welcoming sector might be a great opportunity for your cellar; do not pass up this occasion! Your cellar surely has something elusive and original to offer to two lovers that trust you to spend a precious moment together.