Are you a Hospitality Manager with lots of great ideas to transform the wine tourism experience in your company into something unforgettable but your enthusiasm is braked by an indifferent owner? 

It is the moment to say: stop

In a sector that flourished on innovation and hospitality, the lack of listening of the creative ideas might represent a true brake to progression. 

Almost too often, the problem is not the lack of budget but the owners’ intrinsic resistance towards embracing the wine tourism potential. Frequently, passionate Hospitality Manager find their selves fighting against an entrepreneurial wall that prevents them from fulfilling ambitious projects. 

Wine Tourism cannot reach its true greatness if there is no serious entrepreneurial will of investing in this area. It has arrived the moment of rising a question: why, despite the numerous opportunities, many entrepreneurs seem to still be indifferent to wine tourism? 

The answer might reside in the necessity to change the mentality. The wine tourism is often considered a secondary priority respect to other sectors. But, in reality, if managed correctly, wine tourism can bring countless advantages. 

Growth in direct sales, differentiation on the market and customer loyalty are just some of the benefits that wine tourism can give

How so?

It is crucial to start a dialogue and illustrate the tangible and intangible benefits to which the company can aim. Furthermore, highlighting success stories of other companies that invested in hospitality might serve as inspiration. 

More and more Hospitality Managers are ready to focus on Italian wine tourism, but can they really do that without the entrepreneurs’ support? 

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