How was your company born?
I arrived in Tavernago, Piacenza, in 1978, when I bought 63 hectares of land with a farmhouse. I wanted to enjoy this angle of Paradise. Today we have a winery, a villa, Villa Tavernago and a farm, where we plant soy, wheat and tomatoes. We also have a specific French Limousine cows grazing in a semi-wild state, whose dung we use to manure the vineyard�s ground.
When I began this job, it was a passion for me so I decided to do that as I liked. I removed all the fungicides, because I believe in biological products.
My company has always been organic, since the beginning, because I did wine for myself first of all. I care healthiness.

Which is the philosophy behind your wines?
Healthiness. I want to encourage healthy products. I remember my uncle who always told me that man was created by God to live well and enjoy life. Therefore I refuge in this corner of Paradise to seek healthiness.

Describe your wines�
“Tenuta Villa Tavernago” wines are the result of organically cultivated grapes in accordance with Piacenza province agricultural tradition and the very present need to keep the distinction of a natural unpolluted environment. Tenuta Villa Tavernago” vines have the “Natural Valley” certification and are raised using only natural products. The new natural products, available thanks to the modern scientific research, fully make up for the giving up of chemical support and they are able to preserve both a genuine taste and superior nutritional properties.
How was your passion for wine born?
I come from a family farm in Milan. Till I was 22 years, I dealt with agriculture. I studied Agrarian.
Later in life I also worked on other things, the construction industry, but the pleasure of stepping on a land, that I created, it is a satisfaction. I create with the earth, both in construction and in agriculture. Even though they told me: “Land is down and it is hard to work”, I prefer the land.

Which other job would you have done in your life?
I don�t know an other job like this. I am a lucky man because I learnt from my father all the jobs related to land, even milking.

Which adjective would define you?
A lucky man. I have done what I have wanted in my life.

Which limits/resources do you see in your job?
Carrying forward a winery needs a lot of resources nowadays.
I always try to improve our products, for example we created wines without sulphites.

Which is your attitude towards International markets?
Very good attitude. It is simpler for us to convey our biological products abroad than in Italy: in the USA, in the northern Europe�

Which is your inspiration principle?
I want to guarantee a quality product always to my clients. I stand up personally for my wines.