I’m so excited to write this first article, which marks the formal launch of Wine Meridian. It feels much more like a dream come true than an editorial project

I spent the last twenty years traveling around the world, always driven by my passion for Italian wine and motivated by the audacity and enthusiasm of Italian wineries.

The same wineries which properly understood, even earlier than their international competitors, that the Italian wine industry had good chances to go far beyond national borders and that their future and competitiveness could be granted by stretching their boundaries and going global.  

The idea of Wine Meridian originated while traveling through the world’s airports, attending fairs, workshops with importers, after meeting restaurateurs and listening to their remarks and suggestions, after gathering sales figures and statistics and monitoring our wine competitors.

But even before that, Wine Meridian comes from a daily and constant exchange with all of you, winemakers, wine export managers, wine ambassadors, while actively listening to your needs and experiences.

Wine Meridian’s aim is also to give a voice to the Italian wine industry and make it spread worldwide.

We are aware this is an ambitious goal to achieve, but we would like to immediately begin narrating the diverse and unique stories of Italy’s wine industry to all influencers, world-renowned players, and to the increasing number of wine enthusiasts from around the world.

That’s why we decided to divide Wine Meridian into two main sections: the first one, in Italian, designed for all wineries and professionals of the wine industry who aim to gain expertise and export skills to grow global; the second one, in English – with the objective to get it translated into the languages of the main target markets for Italian wine – which provides news and tells stories about Italian winemakers, wine growing regions and anything related to Made in Italy products and lifestyle, aiming at promoting our excellence abroad.

Both sections have a common purpose: to boost and add value to the wine made in Italy, to make it be a leader, not only in terms of volumes but also in terms of reputation. 

Thank you all for your trust and for following us.

From our side, we will do our very best!