The �Soave Next Generation� project is still under construction. Many are the wineries to be visited. We do not want to �simply� interview their owners but we want to deeply understand what are their feelings, their expectations and their fears as well because they are the guardians of the present and of the future of one of Italy�s historic denominations.

Being halfway done with it, we decided to publish the first �stories� about the new protagonists of the Soave denomination. The full stories will be part of a larger, forthcoming publication. However, for the time being, these short stories will serve the purpose to immediately highlight how the producers feel about their denomination.

Feelings which can be summarised in the following �keywords�:

Confidence� in the future

Awareness� of responsibility

Pride� for the denomination

Legacy� a valuable gift to promote even further

Research� for new identity values

Willingness� to share among producers, without barriers or prejudices

Bravery� to face increasingly competitive markets

Desire to know� what is outside one�s own garden

Training� knowing that growth only comes after knowledge

Consortium� believing in the importance of working together

Innovation� of products and communication

Environment� the significance of safeguarding it

Stefano Posenato � Le Albare

To Stefano Posenato, the owner of the Le Albare winery, safeguarding the environment is not a trendy way of life, based on simply on opportunity. He is really convinced of its importance and he firmly believes that high-quality winemaking cannot exist without a dedicated effort towards sustainability.

The new location of the winery is yet another proof of Stefano�s commitment. There, he created a functional meeting and tasting area, barrel-shaped, built following the principles of green building. Stefano explains:� The wood is guaranteed by a certificate that proves that it comes from Austria, from a forest grown by a family who committed themselves to replant trees, three cubic meters of new wood for each cubic meter cut�.

To Stefano, the new winery location is the fulfillment of a dream and it fully complies with the winery production philosophy.

Stefano: �We wanted a place which would have immediately shown to all of our visitors what we are and what making wine means to us. A place where we can describe our wines and where we can improve our direct sales because it not only is a helpful strategy from an economic standpoint but it also is the best way to communicate directly with our customers�.

A welcoming reception and a direct relation with the final customer are two themes which Stefano holds dear. �We also run a small bed & breakfast which helps improving the relation with our guests to better show them ours and our territory�s most authentic identity�.

 �I am very proud but I am very much aware I have inherited a very prestigious brand such as Soave. It still is the absolute protagonist of our 6.5 hectares and of the 30.000 bottles we produced�.

To Stefano, today Soave has acquired new and more complex values.

 �Without a doubt, the Soave my great-grandfather and my grandfather knew was not the one I inherited from my father. Winemaking has changed, the world has changed and the market has changed as well. What remained the same is the value of a brand that, to my mind, has still a lot more to say�.

However, to Stefano, the new Soave�s storytelling has to begin from the ability of the producers to produce increasingly authentic and recognizable products, where the relations with the terroir is clear.

 �In the vineyards, we do our best to avoid using chemicals. However, we do that not to achieve the organic certification but because we firmly believe that it is the only way for our products to be more authentic and more respectful of the environment and of our customers�.