It was an announced wedding, that between Italian wine and Japan. The rise of Italian wine has occurred gradually over the last 15 years, with the progressive development of the fashion of Italian style, but the road ahead is still a lot in terms of training on the culture of Italian wine. This is definitely the best time for Italian wine in Japan, imports of wine from the Belpaese marked a + 12% in 2014, but consumers need to become familiar with the still very different varieties of wine and terroir. For this reason Italian companies wanting to enter this market are asked to develop promotional initiatives.

Soave by the glass

In our opinion, the Consortium of Soave is on the right way with “Soave by the glass”, an event realized with the collaboration with ICE, the Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, and with the communication agency WellCom. Tastings, meetings and training will be the three-pillars of “Soave by the glass”, the promotional campaign designed for Japan to be held from July 1st to August 16th, which will involve more than 150 restaurants, cafes and wine bars. There are 10,000 Italian restaurants in Japan (60% in Tokyo) of which the 99% are run by Japanese. Food and wine pairing certainly helps the promotion, because the territory of Japan is similar to Italy, with a distribution of sea, land and mountains. The raw materials for cooking and basic products are similar: vegetables, fish, rice and cereals…

Tastings, seminars and a competition that rewards the most Soave friendly restaurants

The participating restaurants will host meetings dedicated to operators, training seminars and guided tastings with Soave declined in all its forms, according to origin, style and values. “Soave by the glass” will also award the two Japanese restaurants which have uncorked several bottles of Soave. The two winners will be offered a week’s hospitality in the lands of Soave to discover the most studied wine park of Italy and to participate in events such as the presentation of the new vintage or the Wine Festival. “This operation – explains Arturo Stocchetti, president of the Consortium of Soave is an important action to enhance and promote Soave. The initiative is characterized by a strong presence and this will allow us not only to see how our wine is perceived by consumers, but also to understand how we can improve our actions in this market”.

The promotional campaign

Analyzing the image of the promotional campaign of “Soave by the Glass” we can understand how strong is the effort to integrate the two apparently far cultures. The translation to Japanese of the promotional image corresponds also to the creation of a specific website for this country (, complete with the references of the importers. If we analyze the image of the campaign is clear the communicative intent: Italian Style is all there. A smiling young couple dressed in full Italian style holding a glass of wine with a vineyard and the Soave castle in the background. Bottom right, for those who had not realized yet that Soave is an Italian wine, we can see an Italian flag.