When presenting your company or products at an event try to remember that facts tell, but stories sell.

Think about a noteworthy story you could tell to sound attractive to a potential customer or importer and to impress them. It is always interesting if you give them some information about your company�s history and development, an entertaining anecdote about your winery and how and why it was founded.

Moreover, you should identify one or more steps of your winemaking process which give your wine a distinctive trait. What makes your wine different? Which of the stages you describe are typical of your winery or your grape variety?

Try to make your customer understand the difference behind your process, behind your territory, behind a terroir, behind your experience and team of people. The difference cannot be the price, and your marketing strategy should not be based just on the price.

Think about the 3 Gs: grapes, ground, guy.

The grapes are key because they contribute specific flavours to your wine. Some of them may be grown exclusively on your hills. The terroir, soil and climate of your area may shape wine character and the winemaking techniques can either preserve or tarnish the fruit brought in from the vineyard as well as add oak influence. All these factors, including the winemaker�s know-how and the experience he or she has gained over the years, are therefore key to the success of each vintage and to the success of your products in international markets. You should get across a message of distinctive identity.