A winemaker and a musician, Luca Formentini, owner of Podere Selva Capuzza winery in the Lugana area, is also the current president of the Consortium for the protection and the promotion of Lugana wine in the world. Fouth generation of a family in the business of wine, Luca explains us what he likes and how he combined a family tradition oriented to wine with his passion for music.

How was your passion for wine born?
My family has been in this business for four generations.
My passion was born from the relationship with the place, with the environment. I figured out how to make wine is also to tell about it, to share it, taking it away, wherever you have someone to share a certain attitude.

Which limits / resources you find in this job?
Immense resources, which arise from the relationship with nature, consisting of dialogue and research of a balance.

Which other job would you have done if not the winemaker?
I am a musician before being a winemaker. I decided not to be a professional musician because I wanted to play the music I like.

Which adjective distinguishes you?
You should ask those who know me.

What is the philosophy behind your wines?
We produce wines only from native and traditional grapes, so no international varieties. All our wines are produced by seeking to translate in the most sincere, spontaneous and natural way the vine and its relationship with the place and the vintage. Our helm is oriented in the direction of cleaning, simplicity, balance.

Territory and Wines: how is this combination important?
It�s our base. It is not possible to talk about wine without talking about territory, which means identity, landscape, culture and its language.

Which is your favorite wine?
When I taste a wine, I try always to learn something new, therefore I choose always different products. I am a curious man and I like to taste wines of any origin without prejudice.
My favorite wine is clean, elegant, fresh and has an identity.

Tell me a story of wine related to your experience …
The story I want to tell you is my personal experience in the wine field. I am the son of an enologist-winemaker, fourth generation of a family in the business of wine. I always felt inadequate to get the witness to enter the world of wine, but 10 years ago I found my way and decided to enter in the family business with my own vision.�