The knowledge of liqueurs in general and its countless variations is combined with the research that the Friulian distillery Domenis1898 has undergone to obtain this liqueur, called Storica Verde.

With the name “Storica” the company probably wanted to create a union with its tradition in the world of grappa, but – according to us – they also wanted to give a stamp of guarantee for this liqueur with fresh, elegant and, at the same, time strong hints like in all Domenis1898’s products.

Storica Verde is born from the maceration of noble plants, spices and aromatic herbs in alcohol, to obtain this pleasantly sweet liqueur in its distinct aromatic vein.

Our sense of smell was surprised by the never invasive while broad and harmonious harmony of Storica Verde. The freshness is balanced by an aromaticity where the indistinguishable scent of freshly picked basil prevails.

In the mouth it is balanced both in structure and body despite the alcohol not being so invasive (25°). However, its flavor length has given greater impetus to the mineral notes of the aromatic plants used for this delicious liqueur, which is concretely innovative in many aspects.

It can be enjoyed at room temperature to enhance the olfactory aspect of its research in its impressive breadth by combining it with dry or creamy pastries, or with a couple of ice cubes also as an aperitif.

In our opinion, the end of the meal remains its strong point, in this case to be served at very low temperatures but not frozen so as not to lose its charm as the true protagonist of a Historic line.

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Combining tradition and innovation, producing spirits and grappas in perfect harmony capable of representing the excellence of Made in Italy in the world.

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