The secret of the eternal youth of the Sardinian people could be the Cannonau. According to some university researches, it is good for the heart, as it contains procyanidinis in higher quantities, up to ten times compared to other red wines. Whether this is true or not, what remains beyond question is that it is an expression of the most authentic Sardinia, a strong and determined wine in its aromas, wonderfully harmonious. Located in picturesque medieval town, Luogosanto (Gallura area), Siddùra’s vineyards are among the most beautiful landscapes that can be seen from 320 meters above sea level. Here a native, popular, fruity and with little tannins grape variety, Cannonau, expresses itself according to nature, giving life to an important, warm and structured red wine. Fòla 2017 represents this territory and the love for research and quality in the vineyard. Bright ruby ​​red, it is fleshy but with a fresh structure and a gentle and persuasive olfactory component: spicy notes, dark plums, small red fruits, tobacco and bay leaves. Fine, integrated tannin and a calibrated softness in a persistent and balsamic finish. Ready-to-drink wine and great enjoyment to combine with full-bodied dishes such as risotto, suckling pig or savory cheeses.

Company Profile
Siddùra was born from the discovery made by two entrepreneurs who identified and fell in love with an abandoned but enchanting property in the heart of Gallura, collecting the legacy of an ancient wine production that in the fifties of the last century already bottled vermentino to sell on the nearby market . The company has made Sardinia a brand of purity, tradition, quality and innovation. Thirty hectares of vineyards that give life to a collection of nine wines: the vermentino of Gallura Spèra, Maìa and Bèru, the rosé cannonau Nudo, the cannonau, DOC and Riserva, Èrema and Fòla, the Cagnulari Bàcco, the international Tìros and the passito Nuali. The wines received over 350 medals.

località Siddura Luogosanto, SS 07020 IT