Poderi Bixio is a winery that immediately believed in the Arcole appellation: a small denomination between two “giants” such as Soave and Valpolicella. A “different” denomination compared to the two large neighboring territories as it has as its key base the international grape varieties, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon in primis.

In this area, Poderi Bixio owns Tenuta Desmontà which for many years has been producing probably the best interpretation of this appellation through the Nero d’Arcole.

A wine of great expressive power, the result of a blend of Merlot (90%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (10%) .

The winemaking process is characterized by about 35 days of grapes’ drying which is certainly the responsible for the important structure of the wine and which allows, together with a year of aging in tonneaux (50%) and large Slavonian oak barrels (50%), to smooth the edges of the tannins and make a wine of great harmony and softness.

An absolutely modern but not at all trivial wine that also expresses the vocation of this small corner of eastern Verona in the production of international vines.

The nose immediately reaches an aromatic “bomb” where the ripe cherry is the master, but also spicy notes of vanilla, tobacco, bitter cocoa and a slight texture of rosemary. In the mouth great silkiness, harmony and a return in the finish of very persistent red fruit jam.

We paired it with a tasty sliced beef steak and it was perfect.

Company profile

The history of the Bixio family begins in Soave, a small village near Verona. A high rank military from Genoa, named Nino Bixio, was fighting at the time alongside Garibaldi in the battle of Custoza, near Verona, on 24th June.1866 After the glorious battle he met and entertained a relationship with a local noble women that gave him a child, named Alfonso who later managed to acquire some vineyards in the area that today is the classic-area of Soave allowing four generations to cultivate that very same piece of land. This is why, the Bixio family has gained considerable experience in the local winegrowing traditions. Today, the Azienda Agricola Bixio is a modern reality in the wine landscape who not only embraces and promotes the traditional products of the area, but also uses the latest technology to guarantee high standards in quality control.

Poderi Bixio

Via Villabella -37047 San Bonifacio, Verona, Italia