Foll 2018

Color: White

Year of production: 2018

Price: 18.80 euros

Annual production: 5,000 bottles

Denomination: Trentino Doc

Aging: aged in part in steel and in part in terracotta amphorae in contact with the skins for 7 months and small French oak barrel

Grapes: 100% Chardonnay

The business card of the province of Trento in oenological terms is certainly the Chardonnay. Vine introduced for over a century in this mountain corner of Italy, it has found a habitat that is transversal for its production purposes, like nowhere else in the peninsula.

Cantina Toblino, always attentive to biological dynamics and research on quality in the area, thanks to its members and excellent winemakers, has created a Chardonnay, the “Foll” inserted in the selections of this company called “Vènt”.

This Chardonnay was born from fermentations in steel and partly in wood, to guarantee that general structure which is then refined partly in amphora together with its skins. The resulting blend, left to rest in steel for many months and as many months in the bottle, gives birth to this wine that reminds the caress of the wind for its freshness and breadth, a wind that characterizes this valley north of Lake Garda, more great protagonist of this unique and identity microclimate.

The hints of almond, combined with melon, citrus notes and white flowers, provides a breadth and at the same time the frankness of the Chardonnay, cared for down to the smallest detail, and then on the palate to be enveloped by a harmonious balance between flavor, acidity and minerality nothing short of stunning.

The years of research are almost wrapped in the aftertaste of this wine, so long and characterful, elegant and complex, thus leaving an indelible memory to the taster.

Excellent combined with stuffed pasta and fish with good structure such as turbot or eel, we accompanied it with an excellent Trentino grain, savoring the wind from the vineyard that accompanied the gaze on these enchanting panoramas.

Company Profile

Cantina Toblino was born in 1960 in the hearth of Valle dei Laghi and Piano Sarca, area of secular winemaking tradition near the Lake and Castle Toblino, on the initiative of a group of passionate winemakers who saw great potential in the surrounding lands. To date, our wine-grower members are more than 600 with almost 850 hectares of vineyards. The attention they pay to the care of the vineyard is very high, a continuous manual work that requires passion and patience. These are our product lines, created to meet all needs: Trento DOC (Antares Brut, Antares Nature, Antares Rosé), Classici (white, red, rosé and sweet wines), Cru “Vènt” (L’Ora-Nosiola Selection, eLimarò-Rosso, Largiller-Nosiola Selection, Vino Santo, Foll-Chardonnay, Praàl-Pinot Bianco, Da Fòra-Manzoni Bianco, Las-Lagrein, Baticòr-Pinot Nero). At Selling Point and Hosteria Toblino, you will have the opportunity to buy and taste our wines accompanied by the tasty proposals of chef Sebastian Sartorelli and to participate in unforgettable Wine Tour & Tastings.

Cantina Toblino s.c.a
Via Longa, 1 – Fr. Sarche
38076 Madruzzo (TN)
T +39 0461 564168