Jako Wines’ selection is an example of great commitment to research, attention and balance in every oenological step.

The wine we are tasting today, the “Siresol”, is the result of balance between knowledge and commitment aimed also at external relationships and collaborations.

In fact, “Siresol” was born from a synergy with Severino Barzan, the historic owner of the restaurant and wine bar “Bottega del Vino” in Verona, one of the most popular places for wine lovers, thus bearing its signature as the “Severino collection”.

In the glass the tonicity of its color tending to red tuff stands out for its almost brilliant nuances, that you can see more tilting the glass a little.

On the nose, the power that emerges is impressive for its finesse and elegance, a disarming balance like the breadth of aromas and fragrances that are part of it.

The noble spices and cherries in alcohol, combined with delicious vanilla notes, make it clear that the wine was obtained from a good drying and a correct passage in wood, as typical, of the history, tradition and culture of Verona wine making tradition.

In the mouth it is a triumph of flavors, the same perceived on the nose, creating that exclusive harmony typical of highly prestigious wines.

Warm and mineral notes, fruit and balance with fine but persistent acidity, brings the wine to a long finish and very rich in body and structure that remain in the mouth as an important memory.

The character of this wine leads to combinations with red meats in different types of cooking, with aged cheeses from the mountain pastures, while remaining an excellent end of a meal to share with the friends to whom this wine is dedicated.

Company profile

Research conducted by our wine maker and our agronomist has led us to recognize the best, most fertile terroir. From preparation of the soil to vine management, the entire process reflects sheer perfectionism. Exclusively manual harvesting and grape processing reflect criteria dictated by our experts. the final result is a top-quality product. The company’s preparation and choice of cru demand specialization which creates the wine’s distinctive fingerprint, and the guiding light for our best quality production. Each phase in the succeeding process demands preservation of the wines at carefully calculated temperatures. They are transported at controlled temperatures, ensuring aroma and quality. Not only geography and production method, but constant dedication, constantly guarantee the highest quality.

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