It is not so frequent that in our tastings, which fortunately we do not do alone, we manage to finish a bottle as long as we have appreciated it.

This is what happened to us with the 2017 Lugana Riserva by Le Morette.

Le Morette are nowadays a remarkable winery in the Lugana area. Throughout three generations, in an area of 32 hectares in the territory of San Benedetto di Lugana (near the suggestive Laghetto del Frassino, an important natural reserve near Lake Garda) this winery has reached a level of knowledge of the perfect Turbiana grape that allows to capitalize at best the characteristics of this variety to obtain Lugana wines of great value.

With this 2017 Riserva from Lugana, made in a limited edition of only 2,000 bottles, Le Morette concretely testifies what quality levels can be achieved with this type of wine.

This great wine has helped us to understand well the possible longevity of Lugana. Le Morette winery selects the best Turbiana from the vineyard, with reproduction by grafting from parent vines over 100 years old.

To this must be added the pedoclimatic conditions of the “territorial cru” from which this Riserva wine derives, a very particular vineyard area, capable of giving white wines of particular structure and minerals.

Which are exactly the characteristics we found in the tasting of this 2017 Riserva which already expressed both minerality and those fantastic sensations of tertiary aromas on the nose, starting with the suggestive hints of hydrocarbons and spices such as vanilla and white pepper. In the mouth without the fleshiness of the wine, but also a great balance and a mix between “sweetness” and flavor and still a lot of minerality.

We paired it with a risotto with shellfish and it was a real celebration.

Company Profile
Le Morette is a family run winery founded in 1960 and located in Peschiera del Garda (Italy), in the thin belt that divides the southern bank of Garda Lake and the Frassino Lake, an important naturalistic site and jewel of biodiversity recognized among the European Community. Winery and vineyards are in the heart of the Lugana DOC area: the family run about 40 hectares in Peschiera del Garda and Desenzano del Garda mostly dedicated to premium Lugana, the most representative white wine. Le Morette is also historically present with about 6 hectares in Lazise, produceing Chiaretto di Bardolino DOC, one of the most interesting Italian rosè and some full-bodied red wines made with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Corvina grapes. Now the third generation is on board represented by Fabio Paolo Zenato, who are approaching the family business with the same philosophy their father Valerio used to teach them: to keep the maximum respect of the environment, applying sustainability principles in the vineyard and in the winery as well. The environmental consciousness starts in the vineyard considering that the Company is one of the very first vine-nurseries in Italy mostly devoted to indigenous grape varieties. In the vineyard the sustainability is applied using organic fertilizers, water saving irrigation, avoiding any chemical herbicide, advocating the vineyard natural biodiversity. Le Morette is eco-friendly in the cellar too, providing a new facility concluded a few years ago, with new cutting-edge green technologies based on renewable energy. The Company name express this green-soul as well: “la moretta” is in fact the most popular mallard which populate Frassino Lake Bank. Another choice to emphasize the bond with the territory and the deep knowledge of all the natural factors which determine its uniqueness.

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