Settesoli is certainly one of the first Italian wineries that was able to convey the quality in the cooperative world. 

With its Mandrarossa brand, it has described Sicilian wine excellence for many years. This brand is the result of a selection of the best production terroirs in the area of ​​Menfi near Agrigento.

Yet another demonstration of this enological prestige is Timperosse, a 100% Petit Verdot that tells how Sicily continues to be an ideal cradle for numerous international grape varieties.

We tasted the 2019 vintage and we liked it very much first of all for that intense purplish red color. On the nose there are a lot of clear and elegant aromas starting from the fruity ones of cherry, blackberry but also of the typical Sicilian hint of black mulberries. On the finish there are also notes of bitter cocoa and cloves. In the mouth beautiful freshness, excellent harmony and a finish where the fruity notes return giving great persistence.

We paired it with a grilled tuna fillet and it was perfect.

Company profile

Cantine Settesoli is a community of Sicilian winemakers, a large Sicilian vineyard, an authentic wine district in the province of Agrigento: between Menfi, Montevago and Santa Margherita di Belice, 70% of the approximately 5,000 families of the community are involved in the activities of the company. Founded in 1958 in Menfi, today it has 2000 members, a vineyard area of ​​6,000 hectares and 32 cultivars in production, three oenological plants dedicated to winemaking with 407,000 quintals. of grapes processed in the last harvest and a packaging and storage center for finished products. Cantine Settesoli wines are obtained from selected grapes, brought to perfect ripeness, vinified in the area of ​​origin by integrating local culture, traditional methods, research and technological innovation.

Cantina Settesoli

SS 115 Menfi, AG 92013 IT

Tel.+39 0925 77111