The wind that welcomes us in this part of Sicily near Menfi can be listened to and smelled, because the richness of the stories related to this territory and the scents that come from the sea are one with the scenic beauty of these places.

A Sauvignon, with the beautiful name “Urra di Mare”, is produced near Menfi, it is almost a hymn of joy to the beauty that unites all the senses of those who visit these places.

The wine from Sauvignon grapes, harvested in the first week of August, thanks to the so-called “cold chain”, expresses all the main quality elements of this variety, with the fundamental difference of the personality of the land on which it is grown.

We know that what we drink for the most part is the characteristic of the composition of the soils and here, combined with the Mediterranean breezes, they come together to give light to a Urra di Mare that has little to envy to the most famous Sauvignons of northern Italy.

A beautiful yellow color with small greenish reflections, brings the “marine” notes mixed with aromatic herbs and white-fleshed fruit to the nose, leaving a nose finish that pushes towards the citrus.

We find all these perfumes, in the form of taste, with the mineral boost that gives a good length of drink.

Freshness and Sicilian culture, for a modern and well-made wine, suitable to be accompanied with vegetable timbale and pasta with fish sauce. Served as an aperitif, it opens up the radiance and richness of the land where it grew.

Company profile

Cantine Settesoli is a community of Sicilian winemakers, a large Sicilian vineyard, an authentic wine district in the province of Agrigento: between Menfi, Montevago and Santa Margherita di Belice, 70% of the approximately 5,000 families of the community are involved in the activities of the company. Founded in 1958 in Menfi, today it has 2000 members, a vineyard area of ​​6,000 hectares and 32 cultivars in production, three oenological plants dedicated to winemaking with 407,000 quintals. of grapes processed in the last harvest and a packaging and storage center for finished products. Cantine Settesoli wines are obtained from selected grapes, brought to perfect ripeness, vinified in the area of ​​origin by integrating local culture, traditional methods, research and technological innovation.

Cantina Settesoli

SS 115 Menfi, AG 92013 IT

Tel.+39 0925 77111 


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