The elegance of Merlot in a sequence of warm and enveloping aromas. The robustness and the fertility that smells of umeboshi plums, dried figs, toasted hazelnuts, cocoa and dark tobacco. Arcole is one of Tenutà Desmontà’s revelation labels, a reserve of Merlot with a harmonious flavor and a taste centered on a well-defined palatal balance.
The estate is located on a triangular-shaped geographical area and sandy clay soils, in a rather significant climate for growing vines.
In the production area of ​​the municipality of Veronella, the grapes, after a high quality selection in the vineyard, are vinified in the traditional way and refined with linear simplicity for four months on their own yeasts. Arcole Merlot is a wine born by art, based on the characterizations of the environment, an expressive unity that opens up to numerous interpretations, a vine capable of always being coherent, comprehensive and complete in any terroir.
The quality of Arcole Riserva is undisputed, a taste that finds the confirmation and pleasantness of the 2015 vintage, exhaustive of every forecast. A lively, fleshy and linear glass to combine with a timbale of egg crepes with ragù and mixed meat.

Company Profile

The history of the Bixio family dates back to 1866, when the Genoese Nino Bixio, Garibaldi’s lieutenant and right-hand man, found himself in the Verona area following the battle of Custoza, and lived a love story with a local noblewoman. Alfonso, born from the relationship between the two, owned some lands located in Soave and since then, for five generations now, the heirs of the family have been involved in the cultivation of vines and the production of excellent wines.

Poderi Bixio
Via Corte Fornari 36
San Bonifacio , VR 37047 IT