Receiving awards is always a pleasure, obviously. However, there are awards that are not only gratifying, but they also push you into believing even more in what you are doing.

For this reason, the Iter Vitis Award 2022 to Wine Meridian as “Best Wine Tourism Communication Instrument” assumes for us an extraordinary importance value.

The effort we have been in fact putting during the past few years regarding the wine tourism is very strong because we think that the hospitality represents a main asset for the economic sustainability of our wine companies and it is able to communicate in the most authentic way the values of the Italian wine and of its producing territories.

This important recognition allows me to explain better which guidelines, which goals we have fixed to give a serious, and, especially, a concrete contribution to the development of the wine tourism activity in our Country.

First of all, I would like to underline how the wine tourism project was born together with Wine Meridian’s birth because we have always considered the export and the hospitality as two key factors for the economic development of our wine sector.

Right off, we wanted to deal with two subject matters with an absolutely pragmatic approach, trying on one hand to understand better the market’s real trends and, on the other hand, to understand how the wine companies were organizing themselves in the hospitality front.

All of this with the goal that we have always declared of not only being “just” observers of the sector, but also to try and give a concrete contribution to the development of our sector.

It is in fact, a remarkable challenge, but we have always dealt with it with humility and determination while being convinced that our direct and constant contact with the companies and with the markets would have allowed us to give information, education, direct support to our wine sector in a gradually efficient way.

It is clear that it is a path where to every finish line there is another one right after, but awards like the one we have just received make us understand that we are in the right path and we shouldn’t have to give up.

From our observatory there is no doubt that the wine tourist might represent and extraordinary opportunity for our sector, in many crucial aspects, but on the other hand we have to be honest and admit that there is still much we can do.

If, by now, more than a decade ago we were talking about a wine tourism that, in our Country, covered not more than 20% of its potential, today I think we can affirm that we have almost doubled this percentage but we are far away from declaring that we have reached an adequate development level.

In particular, these last three years of travel in the Italian wine tourism world (we have visited more than 400 Italian companies experimenting and evaluating their wine tourism offer) allows us today to not only be authoritative in the Italian wine tourism world (both in the offer and in the demand sector), but also to be a useful instrument available for companies and institutions (Consortiums, Associations, etc.) and to support them in the hospitality development.

We are not as presumptuous as to think that we can do it alone. We have always given our entire availability to collaborate with all the realities, both private and public, that are today busy in different levels regarding the wine tourism front. Some important collaborations have been launched toward this direction as, for example, the education activity in collaboration with the Associazione delle Donne del Vino. But, working together appears to be the most difficult challenge for our Country and, in particular, for our wine sector where the individualism keeps reigning supreme.

Therefore, this awards wants to be for us not only a source of pride, but also the drive to look for ulterior paths of collaboration because we are sure that if there is an impossible challenge to win alone is the one of developing a winning wine tourism in our country.