Tasting this organic Pecorino immediately makes you feel the urgency to drink it with friends. This Pecorino DOC is made by this winery which, with its 14 hectares, was founded in 1996 by Luigi Valori. Luigi Valori is a man who loves to experience his vineyard trying to enhance all its secrets and thinks that only the correct viticulture can convey identity and authenticity in the wine-making process. 

A brilliant color with finely green reflections accompanies the wine as it is poured into large glasses, which releases the first fresh aromas of spring flowers and white pulp fruit with light citrus and tropical notes around the glass. The nose is elegantly intense, highlighting its steel workmanship and that broad scent of aromatic herbs carried by the wind and collected in the nearby Mediterranean Sea. In the mouth it is full and almost “crispy”, the structure is excellent and the final notes are very long which balance everything in perfect harmony.

We believe that beyond the winery’s philosophy, which has always been attentive to sustainability and organic production, there is truly the heart of those who have been able to listen to their vineyard and elegantly give us their fruits in the bottle of this delicious Pecorino Doc.

Company Profile

Masciarelli Tenute Agricole represents the viticultural excellence of Abruzzo, known both in Italy and abroad. The recent expansion of its range with the organic labels “Chiamami quando Piove – Valori” strengthens the company’s commitment to sustainability. Located on the picturesque Teramo hills in the municipalities of Sant’Omero and Controguerra, the vineyards from which the grapes of the Valori organic line are harvested extend over 25 hectares dedicated exclusively to viticulture. Masciarelli’s deep connection with the territory is demonstrated through careful and sensitive management of the local ecosystem, operating over 300 total hectares divided into sixty plots across four different provinces. This structure represents a tribute to the rich biodiversity and uniqueness of the Abruzzo landscape, emphasizing the harmony between tradition and innovation at the heart of Masciarelli’s production.

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