For years, Tenuta Montemagno has pursued a philosophy closely linked to the beauty of the area that surrounds it. In this part of Monferrato, the jewel of this estate represents all-round quality, from the hospitality of the splendid Relais to the viticultural care of the native varieties such as the Barbera “Mysterium” tasted today.

This Barbera is the fruit of the longest-lived vines, a true agronomic/qualitative pride of Tenuta Montemagno.

Exclusively well-ripe Barbera grapes, aged in noble Allier barrels, give life to this iconic wine from Tenuta Montemagno.

Mysterium is a wine that appears in the glass with a strong red color with finely lively nuances, while on the nose its breadth ranges from notes of ripe red fruit, sweet tobacco and leather, and a strong minerality also clearly perceived on the nose.

In the mouth it is a true explosion of soft and warm sensations, full and round. Barbera Mysterium surprises with its very well balanced and harmonious aftertaste.

In the excellent restaurant of the estate, attention to pairings is always very careful in combining the wines with local specialities, the Mysterium has a structure that enhances great meat dishes and well-matured cheeses, we paired it with a scottona meat carpaccio with an excellent extra virgin olive oil and 36 month parmesan flakes to enjoy its incredible pleasure.

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Thanks to vineyards facing south-west, the microclimate enjoyed by this area with its clayey calcareous soil, a process carried out by hand, the brilliant intuitions of the Barea family and the expertise of oenologist Gianfranco Cordero, Tenuta Montemagno produces bottles of great prestige now figuring among the top 100 Italian wines.

As tradition requires, after the grape harvest, vinification and refining are done in the ancient frescoed cellars at Tenuta Montemagno, using the most modern technology. This is where traditional wines of strong character and decidedly new ones, such as TM Brut, obtained from Barbera grapes using the classic method, come to life and are allowed to rest for the necessary time.

Tenuta Montemagno 
Via Cascina Valfossato, 9
Montemagno, Asti 14030, Italy
+39 0141 63624

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