The elegance, uniqueness, and harmony of Tenuta Montemagno’s wines continue to impress us with each new vintage. This is also how one feels while visiting this fascinating company, which is located in such an amazing setting that it looks to be from another time.

A lovely location where great wines are born, proudly handled with great passion and forethought by Tiziano Barea, an outstanding entrepreneur with a passion for quality.

In reality, his “Solis Vis” Monferrato DOC Bianco is a great example of a well-crafted, well-finished, full-bodied, enveloping, and above all, identifiable wine. The golden hue blends perfectly with the greenish reflections in the glass, adding even more sparkle.

This wine is made from a 100% Timorasso grape, which has strong mineral thrusts, citrus freshness, and a width of white fruit and wild florals.

Solis Vis is a remarkable example of a local white wine derived from the traditional Timorasso vine, but quite contemporary and polished today.

Our advice is to visit the excellent Tenuta Montemagno to be able to select delicacies to match with the “Solis Vis” and, if you are lucky enough to meet Tiziano, to try some old vintages of this wine, a magnificent symbol of the value of a territory and affection for it.

Company Profile

Thanks to vineyards facing south-west, the microclimate enjoyed by this area with its clayey calcareous soil, a process carried out by hand, the brilliant intuitions of the Barea family and the expertise of oenologist Gianfranco Cordero, Tenuta Montemagno produces bottles of great prestige now figuring among the top 100 Italian wines.

As tradition requires, after the grape harvest, vinification and refining are done in the ancient frescoed cellars at Tenuta Montemagno, using the most modern technology. This is where traditional wines of strong character and decidedly new ones, such as TM Brut, obtained from Barbera grapes using the classic method, come to life and are allowed to rest for the necessary time.

Tenuta Montemagno 
Via Cascina Valfossato, 9
Montemagno, Asti 14030, Italy
+39 0141 63624

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