The wine world is in constant evolution and it is often guided by young consumers’ trends. In this scenery, Pernod Ricard UK distinguishes itself for a revolutionary launch: Greasy Fingers, a new line of wines designed to challenge the traditional conventions of the food-wine pairings. 

This bold venture aims to attract a new generation of young consumers by suggesting original combinations with gourmet fast food.

The Greasy Fingers bet lies in breaking the rules, making wine the ideal partner for hamburger, French fries and other dishes among the favorites of the young generations. Lucy Bearman, director of “Wine and Champagne” by Pernod Ricard UK, underlines how this wine line aims to make the wine experience as accessible as possible, with no frills yet without giving up quality. 

The centerpiece of this revolution is represented by two main wines of Greasy Fingers: the Luscious Red 2022 and the Big Buttery Chardonnay 2022. The first, a blend of Shiraz and Grenache, offers a medium-bodied wine and fruit notes of cherry and strawberry, perfect to pair with the rich flavors of fast food. The second, a buttery Chardonnay with peach, vanilla and cinnamon spices aromas, is studied to balance the greasiness and complexity of these dishes. 

The Greasy Fingers’ launch strategy is aimed at young consumers aged between 25 and 44 who love exploring new tastes, are enthusiastic about gourmet fast food, and prefer to enjoy wine at home with friends. This segment of consumers is looking for authentic and accessible experiences, and Greasy Fingers intends to satisfy this need with its original proposition.

The Greasy Fingers’ positioning is not limited to traditional supermarkets chains, and extends to online platforms such as Amazon and Ocado, aiming at a retail price of 10 pounds. 

It is interesting to note how this launch fits perfectly into a context where consumer trends are changing, with a decrease in young wine consumers. Greasy Fingers represents an interesting example that can encourage other producers and present itself as an innovative solution, catering to the needs of a younger audience through a more informal experience.