Nine hectares of calcareous-marly soils where the hard marble is extracted on the hills of Sant’Ambrogio di Valpolicella (Verona). It is here that, from a hard and apparently difficult terroir, gentle and soft wines are born. They are the highest expression of the “genuine” Valpolicella.
Here proud farmers and winemakers, who believe in the value of their territory, live. Such as the Savoia family, whose aim is to express this territory in the glass, choosing the best grapes and waiting patiently for the wine to be ready beyond the normal aging period. 
We interviewed Marina Savoia, sales manager of the Azienda Agricola Coali (Tenuta Savoia).

How was the passion for wine born in the Savoia family?
Before the passion for wine, we share the passion for the countryside, for the beauty of our territory. We are country men and women, proud winemakers, and my father, who wanted this winery and decided to involve his brother too, knew it from the beginning, in this adventure. 
Our vision aims at enhancing autochthonous wines, caring about vineyards and respecting our natural surrounding. 

What is the origin of the name Coali and what does it represent?
The name is a dialectal derivation of the word “Covali”, a place historically known and present on the Napoleonic maps. It derives from “covo” (like cave), because this was the area of