Grappa Storica Nera Bio

Color: paper white
Year of production: NS
Price: 34.00 euros
Annual production: about 8000 bottles
Alcohol: 50.0%
Aging: 12 months in steel
Grapes: certified organic black berry grapes.

Storica Nera BIO is a 50° grappa obtained exclusively from pomace of Friulian organic certified black berry vines by the CCPB, authorized by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MIPAAF) (pursuant to Legislative Decree 220/1995). The pomace of black grapes have, in fact, the ability to give a rounder and softer product than white grapes, giving an important alcohol content that remains much more delicate from a taste point of view. It is called Storica precisely because of the historical slow method. The low distillation temperature favors the recovery of the best aromas, thanks to an accurate direct steam discontinuous plant, invented by Domenis. 
Storica Nera is a grappa of complete frankness and responding to the genus, that is, responding to the typical Friulian grappa, extremely distinctive and made even more intense by the alcohol content. 
The white paper colour is decidedly transparent and brilliant. On the nose so much finesse and a harmonious, sincere and very intense bouquet, the latter characteristics, which make it of great value. A bouquet that embraces all the aromas, from orange peel to white floral; it is good to remember that in the olfactory approach it is increasingly important to focus on the search for intensity and finesse rather than on the individual descriptors. In the mouth, the heat exercised is completely blunted and attenuated by the softness that makes it “gentle” in the sip. The retro-olfactory perception confirms the refinement, the gracefulness and the decisive persistence. Serve at a temperature of 18 degrees, in a tall tulip-shaped glass. For all those who know how to indulge in the pleasures of life.
Company Profile
In 1898 the Domenis family settled in Cividale del Friuli and the ancestor Pietro Domenis founded the distillery that began to distribute its products in the Friuli area. In 1986, Storica was born: the perfect combination of alcohol content and aroma kit make this young grappa a product of immediate success that allows Domenis to establish itself as a recognized leader in the spirits market. After celebrating the first 100 years of distillation activity, in 1998 Storica Nera was born, the company’s spearhead. Domenis pushes his art creating Secolo, a 60° grappa and a tribute to the founder Pietro. In 1999, the biological line of Domenis was born, and finally with 2016 the start of a new course for the historic DOMENIS® brand and for the prestigious distillery of Cividale del Friuli, which returns to the forefront of the market for distillates high quality as “DOMENIS1898 srl”.
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